Italian finance minister to boost market with striptease

Italian Finance Minister Carla Romagna has promised ‘a stiff response’ to market jitters over a possible default by her debt-laden country.

She has vowed to take off an item of clothing each day the economy grows by 0.1 per cent.

Experts predict that the Italian economy might now grow by as much as 3 per cent by next Tuesday.

The former exotic dancer – no stranger to nudity – is thought likely to go ‘full-on fur-bearing,’ providing just the bounce traders are looking for.

Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is said to be firmly behind Ms Romagna – given half a chance.

BBC business correspondent Richard Stark admitted, ‘I think at this stage it is very difficult for anyone to talk about this without using expressions like ‘pull it off’, ‘single-handedly,’ or ‘at a stroke’, and then sniggering for about twenty minutes.’

But experts warn that it is not a tactic for all countries.

‘Spain, yes,’ suggests Adam Clarke, an analyst. ‘Greece, certainly, and possibly France if they experience difficulties and things get hairy.’

However, he went on to caution, ‘In my opinion it’s not the right approach for Britain, and I’m thinking at this particular moment of Caroline Spelman.’

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