‘Rioters display poor technique’ claims Toxteth riot veteran

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John Ashurst, TV pundit and veteran of the 1981 Toxteth riots in Liverpool today slammed what he called the ‘highly suspect’ techniques of many of the rioters who have wreaked havoc on English streets over the last few days.

Analysing live footage on BBC News 24 yesterday evening he commented ‘In our day we knew how to build a riot patiently. We didn’t rush things with so-called social networking.’

After analysing literally minutes of footage, he highlighted several more mistakes he’d seen. ‘Take this one, with a long stick smashing in the window of this Argos store. He’s off-balance, using a stick that’s badly weighted, he’s not holding it right, his feet are all wrong and he’s not keeping his head still. That’s rubbish technique is that.’

Stopping the tape after watching a hooded teenager throw a petrol bomb, Ashurst was quick with his opinions again. ‘Look at that! He’s got the bottle in his hand, and he just throws it without looking to see where it’ll land. The policeman’s got no chance of catching that. My Gran could do better than that.’

Ashurst, famous for his back to the wall performance on the streets of Liverpool against the Merseyside police in the summer of 1981, also questioned the motivation of the looters. ‘When we were on the streets we had reason to be on the streets. That Thatcher woman, no jobs, and no prospects. Look at those numpties out there now. Rebelling against Nick Clegg and possibility of a double-dip recession… pah!’

He finished his broadcast with one final piece of advice to aspiring rioters. ‘Look, if it were me, I’d be ignoring your Argos’ and your Comets. I’d be looking for quality; Sony, Bang und Olufsen, Saville Row, none of this Primark crap. The choice of target shows a lack of ambition we’ve come to expect from England’s rioters in recent years. Now, they’re more interested in cheap trackie bottoms from JD Sport. That’s just letting this fine heritage of rioting down. They should be ashamed.’

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