Successful harvest of ready battered cod acclaimed by fish farmers

Fish Farming Weekly reports that a research station in the Scottish Isles has managed to produce cod which comes fresh from the sea ready battered.

The discovery may lead to a sea change in the way cod is farmed. Trials adding vinegar to the batter mix have gone well and manager Dave Shaw is optimistic that a breadcrumb option will work once a satisfactory method to deter seabirds has been perfected. ‘This is proving to be a bit of an albatross around our necks’, he said, ‘but I’m sure we will succeed so long as we don’t duck the issue.’

However, not all of the planned products lines have been so successful. Although the introduction of contraband cigarettes for the production of ready smoked salmon was a technical triumph, some fish developed gill cancer and had to undergo expensive treatment before they were fully cured. And the joint venture with land farmers to develop battered sausages failed when a herd of pigs were tragically drowned.

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