Police check historic images of Oxford rioters

gang culture 'unacceptable'

Oxford police are now engaged in checking images of rioting youths going back as far as 30 years in an attempt to put names to faces and bring the culprits to justice. Members of a gang of young males centred on the OX1 1DP postcode have been trashing both local restaurants and university student accommodation, and carrying out indecent assaults on unconnected males (which they call ‘debagging’) typically under the influence of a variety of controlled substances.

Gang members are recognisable by their distinctive tailed clothing, exaggerated manners and strange patterns of speech. Exemplary sentences are expected to be handed out in the present climate of zero tolerance of irresponsible and intimidatory behaviour (trashing restaurants is clearly intimidatory to both customers and the owners, who have in no way invited it).

Consistent with his ‘hug a hoodie’ approach to social problems Prime Minister Cameron has asked for some understanding of the difficult environment these juveniles are born into. They lack role models because their parents do no useful work, living wholly from unearned payments. Often they come from broken homes where the parents are serial adulterers (think Alan Clark). Matrimony is no longer respected, and fathers have typically abandoned the mothers to pursue younger women. The mothers are also unwilling (or unable) to care for the youngsters, and instead hand them over to unrelated people (called ‘nannies’) whose interest in them is essentially mercenary. Educational progress is blocked by an anti-intellectual attitude to life that values guns above literature. In adulthood their alcohol consumption is ritualised and high.

The best that can be said about the gang is that it is not racist. Its composition, while predominantly white British, largely reflects that of its postcode, and includes some eastern Europeans and also people of Hanoverian and Turkish descent.

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