Shame-faced parents admit friends who warned about kids were right all along

Shame-faced parents George and Becky Smethurst today admitted that close friends who’d given them dire warnings about having children had been right all along.

A tearful Mrs Smethurst said the couple were prepared to risk smugness and sneering after their admission because they could no longer ‘live a lie’. The last straw is understood to have been an announcement from their childless next-door neighbours Ian and Pam Etherington that they were driving their Aston Martin to the south of France for a six-week summer holiday in the sun.
Mrs Smethurst said: ‘We had to say we were planning a week in a tent in Newquay with the children, and that was it, I just cracked. They were right. Having children has left us exhausted and penniless. There, I’ve said it.’

‘We live in filth and squalor surrounded by stinking training shoes, dolls and toy guns, risk breaking our necks by tripping over things on the stairs daily, stare at walls smeared with ice-cream and felt-tip pen, and survive on scraps scraped off the floor after family mealtimes have dissolved into bitter argument and recrimination on a daily basis. For the love of God, we drive a people carrier…’

Mrs Smethurst was at this point overcome with emotion and unable to continue. Counsellor Ms Amelia Dearlove tried to advise Mr Smethurst to focus on the positives but fell to the floor under a hail of blows.


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