GCSE student devastated after being awarded a grade B

While pupils celebrated record-breaking GCSE results today Linda Chaplin was left shocked and disappointed after being awarded the first grade B in the UK for nearly thirteen years.

An inconsolable Ms Chaplin said, “I’d heard rumours that not everyone gets A*s and that some people might just get an As. To be honest we all thought it was a scare story put round by the teachers to get us to revise. But this? A grade B? I didn’t expect this.”

The true nature of the revelations only came to light after baffled teachers consulted a government website and found a B was one grade lower than an A.

A spokesperson for the exam board said, “A few years ago one boy thought he’d got a B when we mistakenly printed his percentage score on the results slip, 8. Of course 8% was more than enough to warrant an A”.

Solanki and Mawhinney

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