State of emergency declared in 6 states as Harriott approaches eastern seaboard

America was on high alert last night as reports of the imminent arrival of category 5 tv chef Ainsley Harriott spread. The over-exuberant celebrity food person has already left a widespread trail of chaos and devastation throughout a large number of Carribean kitchens.

With the States already having been battered this year by the very windy Ramsey, and wildlife decimated by the whirlwind visit of the huge Fearnley-Whittingstall, citizens were hoping that the danger would subside once more to the gentle level of last year’s Delia, by many fear it is not to be.

‘This is the big one’ said one beleagured Maryland resident as he helped elderly residents to cover up every tv screen in the town. ‘We’ve had them before, I guess Grossman was the worst…and they’re still feeling the tail-end of that in the UK.’

‘Chef chasers’ have been advised not to get too close to Harriott ofter one hapless thrill seeker was swept away by a sea of figgy cous cous pudding coated in rasperry coulis.

Spoole2112 (hat tip to Beau-jolly)

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