Man killed by Taser offered ‘too much resistance’, claim police

In a shocking volte-face, a police spokesman yesterday claimed that a man recently killed by a Taser had ‘shown too much resistance’.

Circuit judge Eddy Sonn insisted that: ‘The coppers at first remained static while attempting to charge the man who they suspected of battery, and did not see the situation’s potential to spark such a shocking result. Only when the suspect became increasingly wired on the way to a cell was the Taser used, with unexpectedly terminal consequences.’

The deceased, professional boxer “Lightning” Rod Williamson, a former conductor for London Transport, has been sadly missed by friends in his ohm town of Northampton, who have published an ode in his memory in the Telegraph.

This incident has generated many coulomb inches of positive and negative comment in the newspapers, and senior politicians are calling for an enquiry, likely to be chaired by Liberal Democrat Cabinet member, Chris Huhne.

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