Computer programmer’s shame on confessing to never having seen ‘The Matrix’

The IT world was plunged into bitter recrimination last night after computer programmer James Renfield finally admitted that despite working in the industry for many years, he had actually never watched ‘The Matrix’ movie.

Despite his instant dismissal from IT consulting firm Trinity International and universal condemnation from his ex-colleagues, Renfield was trying to remain positive today.

‘It’s such a relief to finally come out and stop living the lie,’ he told journalists from industry journal We Like The Matrix. ‘I’d picked up enough lines here and there to be able to fake it – if someone mentioned ‘deja vu’ I would always chuckle and mutter ‘glitch in the Matrix’, and I can talk about ‘taking the red pill’ as much as you like – but it always pained me deeply that I had no idea what any of it meant.’

Insiders believe Mr Renfield could have maintained the charade for many more years, had he not got tragically overconfident and risked starting a conversation about ‘that guy in the leading role, Neil’.

By Midnight Dreary

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