McDonald’s staff to be issued with ‘Do Not Disturb’ uniforms

Following the introduction of ‘Do Not Disturb’ labels on nurses’ aprons, a row has broken out over the fast food chain’s decision to give staff similar uniforms to prevent customers from speaking to them.

Staff at McDonald’s will wear the bright red tabards after they have taken the order, while they are collecting food to be put on the customer’s tray.

The fast food chain says interruptions such as customers asking for ketchup and straws, begging for no ice in the coke or asking difficult questions about abattoir hygiene could stop staff from doing their jobs properly and might actually lead to customers being given the wrong burger.

But Jane Tinsmith, from campaign group Fast Food Customer Concern, described the initiative as ‘ridiculous’. She said: ‘If you’re a fast food chain employee and you can’t do more than one thing at a time, you’re a pretty hopeless employee’.

Then she laughed and said: ‘Who am I kidding? Can they even do one thing at a time?’

By cuckoowatoo

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