Concern over carbon offsetting as forest envelops Brixton

Concerns have emerged about the practice of carbon offsetting – planting enough new trees to cancel out the effects of carbon dioxide pollution – after new figures revealed that the number of trees being planted is actually far in excess of the number that Britain’s non-leafy areas can comfortably support.

‘Over-enthusiasm among trendy carbon offsetters has had the unfortunate consequence that the entirety of Brixton now nestles hidden under a leafy canopy,’ said Alice Renfield, spokeswoman for Friends of the Earth. ‘It is thought that an area the size of Wales is turning into forest every three days – only in Birmingham.’

‘Frankly, we’re begging U2 not to do another world tour, she continued. ‘You might say Slough is a heap of shit, and you might be right, but would you really want to see it disappear beneath the beeches by this time next year? I tell you, it’s a jungle out there.’


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