Concern over salt levels in salt

Following revelations that many popular foods such as bread contain too much sodium, scientists have found that another household staple – salt – actually contains levels of salt well in excess of recommended amounts.

Campaigners were originally angry that some packaged breads contain up to 2g of salt per 100g, but the discovery that most brands of common table salt may contain as much as 100g of salt per 100g has caused outrage.

‘When I spoon mountains of salt on my food,’ complained health activist Terry Nacl, ‘how can I possibly tell that hidden within the briny goodness is a dangerously high level of salt? The public need far more openness, and if possible, lashings of malt vinegar.’

Brian Seaman, spokesman for the salt industry, was dismissive, saying: ‘This is just the sort of story we expect to see in the silly season.’

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