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Manufacturers ready production lines for 59-Watt lightbulbs

With the ban on 60-Watt old-style lightbulbs about to come into effect, rumours from the lighting industry hint that manufacturers are soon to introduce a brand new ‘59-Watt’ model.

Albert Renfield of bulb makers Greenhouse Lighting said the industry was determined not to give up in the face of government pressure. ‘They’ll never stop us,’ he claimed angrily this morning. ‘We’ve got the 59W bulbs ready to go, and when they ban those, we’ll move down to 58W, 57, 56 – we’ll never surrender.’

‘If needs be, we’ll develop an enormous array of 60 single-Watt bulbs – it might not fit in your bedside lamp, but by thunder it’ll light up as soon as you flick the switch.’

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Posted: Sep 2nd, 2011 by bonjonelson

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