Research confirms young women don’t actually fancy middle aged men

Men of a certain age have been shocked and disappointed by research findings proving that young women are ‘actually not attracted at all’ to middle aged men.

Dr. Michael Robbins, who would not reveal his age, but who was wearing an ironed ‘Led Zeppelin’ t shirt, which badly disguised a slight paunch and sporting a well groomed pony tail, explained the surprising results. ‘It seems that when that pretty young lady in the office brushes against er, the male participants, she was actually just trying to get past’. He went on to add; ‘You know those secret smiles, across the photocopy room? It turns out it is just because the middle aged man reminds them of their dad’.

The findings apparently contradict extensive on the internet that young women are actually incredibly attracted to older men, which Dr Robbins has now pledged to study more vigorously than ever before.


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