Cache of flint weapons ‘stashed by gangs for future riots’ claims Sky reporter

A recently unearthed hoard of prehistoric flint arrow heads and axes had been secretly stored by a criminal gang of youths in anticipation of further rioting in the nation’s capital, Sky News correspondent Tom Parmenter has claimed.

Detective Chief Inspector Theresa Breen confirmed that an ongoing investigation into the findwas underway. ‘A member of the community has felt confident enough to use Sky News to come to us with information that there were weapons somewhere within this area. Anyone who had any doubts about our robust response to these criminal gangs should by now be under no illusions that they are just a bunch of Neanderthals.’

Writing for the Sky News website today, Parmenter praised the actions of the police: ‘this is yet another prime example of the close, not-at-all-forced and most importantly, legal and above-board co-operation between the employees of News Corps and the Metropolitan Police which, regardless of any alleged trumped-up sensationalism, must be applauded.’

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