ITV apologises for uninterrupted coverage of England v Wales match

Adam Crozier, Chief Executive of ITV, has apologised to viewers for the coverage of Tuesday night’s Euro 2012 qualifier between England and Wales. The ad breaks were limited to during half-time, before and after kick-off, and the commentary and analysis failed to reach the levels of inanity which people have come to expect from ITV’s sporting coverage.

‘I’m not sure what happened, but somehow we were left with a broadcast that didn’t come across as if it had been produced by an 8 year old with learning difficulties.’ Said the former head of the FA, ‘Over time we have built a proud reputation for being able to cover all manner of sporting activities excruciatingly badly, with presenters who appear to be watching the sport for the first time, commentators talking rubbish, and unplanned ad-breaks interrupting the action.’

With the start of the rugby world cup just days away ITV have launched an urgent inquiry in order to avoid a repeat of the professional quality coverage. Early indications are that David Pleat will be given the dual roles of presenter and lead commentator, despite knowing even less about rugby than he does about football, to ensure a steady stream of gibberish.

‘Luckily the match itself was terrible and I’m extremely thankful for that’ continued Mr Crozier, ‘otherwise we could have been left with an experience that was marginally more enjoyable for viewers than poking yourself repeatedly in the eye with the handle of a soup spoon, and that’s not what we’re about at ITV.’

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