Rugby World Cup in New Zealand ‘not all made up’

New Zealand has been disappointed by the lack of ticket sales and international visitors for the upcoming Rugby World Cup, chiefly because of the difficulty in persuading people that there actually is a World Cup for rugby and occasionally that there is a New Zealand.

An email campaign targeted at American addresses, America being a large and untapped potential market for rugby, was greeted by numerous ‘This is like one of those Nigerian back scams isn’t it’ and ‘Guys, if you’re going to try to cheat people out of their money, at least claim to be from a real place, not a location from Lord Of The Rings.’

The controversial pro-rugby advertising campaign that ran in America, the tagline of which was ‘Rugby: Like American Football Except Not For Big Girl’s Blouses That Need To Wear Helmets And Padding In Case They Break A Nail’, may also have been a miscalculation.


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