Responsible hotel towel use ‘has solved world climate crisis’ say experts

The accumulated carefulness of millions of travellers over twenty years has reversed global warming and seen an end to rising sea levels, delegates at a joint conference of climatologists and laundry-scientists have been told.

‘Not requesting fresh towels unless it is entirely necessary has seen a marked change in world ozone density, increased climate stability and a more efficient checkout procedure,’ said a spokesman. ‘This, combined with fair trade complimentary coffee sachets means that the hotel industry is really leading the way in saving Mother Earth.’

‘It really should come as no surprise’ said Dick Fentiman, Vice President of the Green Innkeepers Group, ‘being a hotelier and eco-warrior go hand-in-hand.’ ‘Chocolates on pillows, free wi-fi and special deals for corporate travellers aren’t going to attract new customers if they have to travel across blasted wasteland to get to the nearest Travelodge – unless the concierge is really good and can still get hold of an affordable prostitute.’

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