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Flash adds to essential home cleaner range with Flash En-Suite & Flash Bannister

every corner of your home now coveredFlash, the household cleaning brand, has added to their popular range that includes Flash Kitchen and Flash Bathroom with an assortment of products specifically aimed at areas of the home that don’t currently have the benefit of a dedicated cleaner, such as the attic or the utility room.

Launched with celebrity endorsements under the tag line ‘These are the cleaners that you didn’t know you wanted but can’t do without’, manufacturers Proctor & Gamble believe they are well on the way towards achieving their goal of having a cleaning product for every location in the house.

‘It’s so important for the householder to be able to differentiate between the different offerings,’ enthused a spokesman. ‘For instance Flash Bathroom is totally different from new Flash En-Suite. For a start the container is labelled differently. No discerning person who wishes to be considered literate would have a bottle of ‘Bathroom’ in their En-Suite.’

Included in the line-up are a number of new products aimed at and around the previously neglected staircase market such as Flash Bannister, Flash Stairwell and Flash Cupboard-under-the-Stairs, being advertised by Harry Potter star, Daniel Radcliffe.

Domestic cleaning TV star, Aggie Mackenzie was full of praise for the new varieties. ‘This is a wonderful range of products for the fastidious homeowner,’ she trilled. ‘I’m especially looking forward to trying Flash’s Second Stair from the Top, a part of the home I’ve always found to be a particular challenge.’

Flash’s rivals have already begun work on expanding their own ranges, with Cillit Bang Behind the Toaster and Mr Muscle Under The Sofa expected to hit the shelves next week.

Critics have expressed concerns however that consumers could end up with too many cleaning products. ‘I’ve already run out of space on my cleaning product shelf’ said homeowner and easily-led consumer Craig Carter. ‘Last week I was reaching for the Flash Doorknob when I knocked the Flash Corner of the Bathroom onto the floor – it went everywhere.’ A spokesman for Proctor & Gamble said that they welcomed the feedback though, and urged any concerned customers to purchase a bottle of their brand-new addition, Flash Puddles Of Other Flash Products You’ve Just Spilt All Over The Floor.

13th September 2011

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Posted: Sep 13th, 2011 by Stan

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