Redundant council diversity officer struggling to find job in private sector

Despite five years experience as a community diversity officer, Derek Strachan is struggling to apply his finely-honed skills in the private sector.

‘I thought the private sector was going to take up the slack after all the cuts’ said Mr Strachan, who also has experience as a wheelie bin logistics assistant, and a ‘Making sure everyone knows you’re LGBT’ Comms associate.

‘Microsoft didn’t want to know, even though I pointed out that their keyboards are a bit racist and Bill Gates should try being transexual occasionally, for balance.’

So far, Derek has only been offered menial work at Tesco. ‘Morally it’s incredibly conflicting working in a for-profit regime.’ 

‘Normally’ said Derek, ‘I oppose such exploitation. I can be an effective counterweight to the profit mind-set, but the Retail Sector don’t seem interested. It’s really depressing. I’m thinking of taking them to a tribunal.’

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