Rescued dog thrown back in river

A woman from Cookham Lock in Berkshire has complained to the BBC after a dog she was trying to drown in the River Thames was rescued by comedian David Walliams during a swimming stunt for this year’s Sport Relief.

The dog, a labrador bitch by the name of VInny, was struggling to stay afloat in the fast flowing waters of the river after its owner had painstakingly tied its paws together, weighed it down with a couple of breeze blocks and heaved it off a bridge.

Walliams struggled for over half an hour to drag the labrador ashore, only to see owner Ms Fumbler, 67, hurl the dog straight back over his shoulder into the swirling, choppy waters.

Ms Fumbler told the BBC she had been trying to get rid of the dog for several days after it had ‘shat on my carpet once too often.’

‘I would have succeeded first time if it hadn’t been for that smug busy-body Walliams’ snapped an irate Ms Fumbler. ‘Now get the fuck out of my way… I’ve got 6 puppies in this bin-bag and it’s getting heavy.’


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