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Govt awareness campaign aimed at parents who ‘throw babies out with bath water’

‘It used to be common sense,’ laments veteran Chessington health worker Sharon Daniels after rescuing another new-born from the mains sewer outside a bewildered local family’s house, ‘but these days parents don’t seem to know not to flush their babies away after bathing them.’

It’s a story repeated in towns across Britain as the traditional parenting skill of removing a baby from a bath tub before emptying the water out is being slowly eroded like the communities around them.

Sharon Daniels and her fellow professionals hope that the Government’s multi-media campaign to combat this epidemic of bath-time baby disposal reverses the trend, but urge officials to go further and also address the increasing number of babies being suffocated by cotton-wool wrapping.

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Posted: Sep 15th, 2011 by Guest

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