Overworked Union bosses plan mass ‘walk-in’

The Union of Union Leaders leader, Patience Jefferson, has called for a ‘day of inaction’ to protest against the unbearable burden being placed on hard-working Union Leaders up and down the country as aggressive posturing, rallies and offers to get around the negotiating table continue to ramp up, but with no increase in their pay.

‘With the state of the economy and all the government cuts, there’s always some group that want a strike organised or a sabre-rattling speech given. We’re on demand 24/7, it is simply ludicrous. With the cost of placards and rusty bins only going up, we have no choice but to push back.’

Union leaders plan to impose a day of ‘just going to work and doing your jobs’ on members of their unions, with all non-emergency calls for industrial action being ignored.


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Posted: Sep 15th, 2011 by

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