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Pensioner arrested over napalm ‘intruder’ death

A Norfolk pensioner has been arrested in connection with the napalm death of a suspected intruder at her home on Saturday night. A charred pile of human remains was discovered on the welcome mat inside the front door of her bungalow by police who had been alerted to an incident by concerned residents.

Police were called after a neighbour reported seeing several ‘human-torches’ scaling his garden fence and jumping into his Koi carp pond. A police spokesman said, ‘I can confirm that an eighty two year old woman has been arrested in connection with the incineration of an intruder, and a two-cylinder flame-thrower containing a napalm propellant has been removed from the scene for forensic tests.’

This incident is the latest in a series of similar occurrences in the Norfolk area where charges have been dropped against householders in connection with ‘intruder’ deaths. In July a Great Plumstead farmer was cleared of murder after decapitating an intruder with a chainsaw, sending sales at the local B&Q rocketing skywards.

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Posted: Sep 20th, 2011 by Dick Everyman

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