Surgeons succeed in joining twins together

In an operation lasting nearly 30 hours, surgeons have succeeded in joining the identical twins Sue and Jane Grover, aged 9, together. Cases of non-joined twins are not rare at all and the decision to join them together is never an easy one for parents, but their father Nigel, a bus driver from Portsmouth, said; ‘We are all [mum, dad and twins] so happy that it’s all turned out so well.’

Sue and Jane are now joined at the ear, foot, bottom and nostril, share one heart and one brain, but still have two mouths and four eyes. As a bonus, their appendices were also removed during the operation. They are said to be doing well, and are expected to stay in hospital for another two weeks after which they’ll be off to buy new clothes.

‘This will lead to a better quality of life,’ said their delighted father, ‘they’ve always been pretty much inseparable, but this means that, at last, if I have something to tell one of them it won’t matter anymore that I could never tell them apart.’

The Child Benefit Office has set up a special committee to deal with the situation, and their spokesman was reported as saying; ‘We haven’t got the forms for this.’

Richard James Winter

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