Gove told ‘Sodoku was harder in our day’

Secretary of State for Education, Michael Gove, has come under fire today amid further claims that the sudoku puzzle has been ‘dumbed down’. The claims look certain to force a Government U-turn on plans to include them in future maths exams, to ‘prepare students for the inevitable years of unemployment ahead.’

Londoner Pete Johnson said, ‘It used to take me over half an hour to complete the Evening Standard sudoku. Now I pick up a paper on the train, and almost all the numbers are already filled in! The challenge is gone.’

Latest studies show that although students indeed find it easier to complete sudoku type puzzles, they are becoming even more inventive in ways to avoid having to use the plural of sudoku. The studies also conclude that most people wouldn’t realise this as they never make it past the tedium of finishing the first one.


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