Restaurant called couple at home to ask ‘is everything still all right?’

As John and Nicola Williams prepared for bed, they were astonished to get a phone call from the restaurant where they’d dined earlier that evening.

‘I was just about to get into bed, when the phone rang,’ said Mr Williams. ‘It was the maitre d’ of the restaurant asking if everything was still all right. I was flabbergasted.’

‘I wasn’t all that surprised,’ said Mrs Williams. ‘The waiter was very solicitous, going-on about the ‘specials’, pouring the wine and coming back to the table every few minutes to ask if everything was all right.’

A spokesman for the restaurant said it was the management’s policy to make sure their customers had had a good dining experience.

‘But we’ll give Mr and Mrs Williams a call tonight to ask if it’s still all right to call them in future to ask if everything’s all right,’ he said.

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