New craze of ‘Working’ sweeping the internet

just one paperclip away from the experience of a lifetime

Stand aside ‘Planking’, move over ‘Batmanning’, there’s a new game in town. ‘Working’ is the new craze which has Facebook users flocking to upload photos of themselves engaged in the most menial, soul-destroying jobs, while wishing they’d paid more attention at school.  Unemployed 19 year old Matt Johnstone from Seattle is the man credited with kicking off the latest internet phenomenon for people with way too much time on their hands.

‘I went into Burger King because my friend Brad works in there and normally manages to slip me some free fries. While I was queuing I noticed his vacant expression, the hollow look in his eyes and the emptiness in his voice every time he asked a customer if they wanted to ‘make that a meal’, or if they’d like to ‘go large’.’

‘It was like he died a little inside with every question, and you could almost hear him asking himself why he’d been such a dick all through school, so I snapped a photo, set up an FB group and posted it.’

Within hours the new group had thousands of members all trying to outdo each other by posting hilarious photos of themselves ‘Working’. The members and pictures range across many countries and occupations, from people staring blankly at computer screens in India to others cleaning toilets in France.

The two most popular ‘Working’ pictures so far are an Australian man called Mick emptying dog shit bins in a park in Sydney, after leaving school with no qualifications, and a funny looking little UK man named Ed, who posted an amazing photo of himself allegedly ‘leading the Labour party’.

Matt however is happy to just maintain the Facebook group, and has no interest in getting involved in ‘Working’ himself. ‘I’m kept more than busy enough trawling through all the pictures people send in, posting comments on them and updating my own status. I don’t really have time to go and find a job that would be required to produce my own photos. Besides, that might destroy the sense of entitlement that I’ve built up over 19 years, alongside the feeling that the world somehow owes me something.’

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