First every energy saving bulb approaching full illumination

There is excitement in the scientific community today as it is thought that the first ever energy saving bulb, bought by Mr Paul Gerrans, may be heading for full illumination. Mr Gerrans, always a leading light when it came to energy conservation, purchased the bulb for £26.50 in 1981 and eagerly fitted it in his sitting room.

‘I must admit at first I was disappointed as nothing seemed to be happening, but I left it a few hours and by the time night came it had got bright enough for me to see it without needing a torch.’

Now, a mere 30 years later, the bulb is reaching its peak.

‘I have waited for this moment for some time,’ stated Mr Gerrans ‘I couldn’t really use my sitting room at night for several years and the energy cost of leaving it on permanently must have been much higher than turning on and off a conventional bulb, but watching the little fellah getting a little brighter every day made me feel warm inside. The whole point of these bulbs is that they don’t waste energy as heat, so it’s quite ironic really.’

Scientists have estimated that the bulb should be at maximum capacity by midnight tonight and Mr Gerrans and several scientists are gathering outside the room.

‘I can’t believe the time is nearly here,’ exclaimed Mr Gerrans excitedly, ‘after all the, hang on, did you hear a ping?’


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