Historians thrilled at discovery of Hitler’s mixtapes

Every historian longs for the discovery of journals or letters from the hand of a key historical figure and today the historical community was buzzing with news of the discovery of Hitler’s mixtapes, which will doubtless reveal further insights into the character of one of history’s most infamous names.

It is not widely known that Hitler was unusually progressive as a music listener. Cassette tapes were invented in Germany in 1935 and Hitler was the first in his neighbourhood to purchase what we would today call a boombox. He was a big fan of the atonal experimentation of Albarn Berg but apparently could not stand klezmer which was the start of ‘that whole thing with the Jews’.

His mixtapes, most of which it appears were made as gifts in awkward attempts to approach girls, reveal a diverse ear, ranging from Fats Waller to Frank Sinatra. Many of those who worked in Third Reich administration would recall his fierce singalongs to My Way. His tendency to bark out corrections to the performances of the musicians on the recordings suggested something was not quite right.

On the fateful day in 1945 which ended his life, Hitler is said to have first contemplated suicide upon hearing that The Andrews Sisters had reached number one.


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