David Bowie’s ‘Laughing Gnome’ dies after a short illness

The King of Rockery’n’Roll, Gnorman the Gnome, famed for his seventies hit single ‘The Laughing Gnome’ with David Bowie has died after a short illness. He was 2 foot 6.

Although the duet with Bowie was originally recorded in the sixties, the record didn’t chart until 1974 when it was re-released at the height of Bowie’s fame.

DJ Paul Gambaccini, Gnorman’s biographer, recalled how Gnorman was respected by his fellow musicians for his wisdom and deep powers of contemplation. ‘Once, after being asked the question ‘Gnorm, do you want a little more bass on that?’ he sat impassively for six days before answering with a look of total indifference. That put the sound engineer in his place’, laughed Gambaccini. ‘It was so typical of his unique character. When they made him, they sure threw away the mould.’

After leaving the music industry, Gnorman took up a position in the Garden Centre business and upon his retirement liked nothing better than to while away the hours by the river with his trusty rod in hand, just as he had done as a young gnome all those years ago.

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