Red Bull to sponsor Extreme Fly-Tipping finals

Britain is gearing up for the finals of the 2011 Extreme Fly-Tipping Championship, but with growing protests from local authorities and residents alike, this year’s finals seem set to be the most controversial yet.

Local Council officials are outraged by the event’s endorsement by Red Bull, the prominent chemical stimulant manufacturer. ‘It was bad enough when it was an unofficial ‘sport’. It was an absolute nightmare cleaning up the winning entry last time, which was a black sack full of cable off-cuts and sawdust hanging around the neck of Nelson on Nelsons column’.

Other notable winners of previous years have included a scruffy World of Leather sofa suite discovered inside the ghost train ride on Southend Pier and a decommissioned Russian navy submarine left overnight in a privately owned swimming pool in Kent. ‘It’s a perfect fusion between sport and art,’ insists the competition founder Bjorn Klefty ‘and with corporate backing now, we’re hoping to take this to new levels. BNFL is reportedly interested in shifting some old clobber, though it’s a bit hush-hush at this stage.’

Last year’s Fly Tipping champion was of course Iceland, with several billion tonnes of volcanic ash dumped over the rest of Europe.

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