London 2012 plans in disarray as Lord Coe arrested for looking a bit ‘Araby’

The London Olympics faced a fresh crisis last night, following Lord Coe’s arrest for taking photographs near the main stadium.

‘As you’d expect, my officers are on high alert for slightly foreign-looking gentlemen showing any interest at all in the Olympics”, explained Chief Inspector Midsomer.

‘We tracked him for some time, but when he bent down to fiddle with his laces, we thought we might have a shoe bomber on our hands’, said Midsomer. ‘One of my men fired a warning shot, and that was it: he was up on his toes and off. He set a cracking pace, and looked like he could sustain it for anywhere between 800 metres and a mile.’

‘If he hadn’t gone round in a great, big oval, I very much doubt we’d have caught him.’

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