Stunned scientists discover Stephen Fry ‘of only average intelligence’

Scientists investigating the effect of TV exposure on assumed intelligence have made a startling discovery. Once stripped of his knowing smirk, rich timbre and extensive team of researchers, Stephen Fry is as stupid as most other Britons.

“Our findings really shook us”, said Dr Havers, an expert in the field of perceived wisdom. “We found a causal link between ‘reading out obscure facts on television’, and an assumption by the public that he doesn’t sometimes leave his shoes in the fridge. They’ve even started making excuses for some of his more idiotic traits, such as buying a taxi instead of renting one for short journeys, supporting Norwich City and claiming that iPads are useful.”

Dr Havers is asking for volunteers for the next phase of his research. “We think we’ve identified a link between TV exposure and people’s willingness to let Hugh Laurie perform surgery on them.”


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