OC/DC, world’s tidiest rock band, quits tour after prime-number of gigs

Grindcore metal hit machine OC/DC may cease live performances following a row with tour management in Cincinnati.

Drummer ‘Black Cat’ Jesmond reported an odd number of tea bags in his hotel room, while bassist Derryk ‘Left Sock First’ Lomax was appalled by a toilet roll “hanging the wrong way round”. Lomax typifies the band’s exacting tour standards, insisting his amp is set to 11.793 and positioned precisely in the centre of the stage. Their entourage is well-known for its ever-present dental hygienist and forensic bacteriologist, and their rider lists wet-wipes four times.

The tour had earlier faced controversy when Jesmond was found arranging lines of white powder on a dressing table. The drummer is very particular when applying talc.

Manager Nigel Freund is looking for an outfit more open to on-stage vomiting and messy suicide pacts with groupies. “It’s over for OC/DC, I’ve washed my hands of them. Six times, with three different soaps in the correct order.”

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