Easy passage assured for coin-operated public think tanks

Gleaming new high-tech cylindrical structures may be appearing on a high street near you as coin-operated public think tanks inspired by Mr Cameron’s Big Society based desire for more public input are rolled out.

A pound coin will buy you 15 minutes of concentrated think time whilst you sit on a circular plinth described as the ‘thought throne’.

The result of an early day motion by Tory back-bencher, Chris Skidmore, the proposal is expected to create hundreds of jobs across the UK and politicians of all stripes are logging their support for this `bottom-up’ political movement.

Sanité, the French company behind the design, say contributions made by participants can be transmitted to ‘minidumps’ for databasing by Whitehall analysts. Ministers are expecting a steady flow of wide-ranging contributions to be passed to government departments once the system has been commissioned.

Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper welcomed the initiative, saying, ‘I can’t see the results being any worse than the shit the coalition normally comes out with.’


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