Man without correct version of Flash Player ‘unrepentant’

A man who cannot play media because he does not have the correct version of Flash Player, says he’s unrepentant and has no plans to download the correct version.

‘I’m just not bothered,’ said Andrew Mitchell (28), who says he’s come under pressure from both his family and BBC websites which keep nagging him to get the correct version.

A defiant Mr Mitchell said. ‘I’m hanging out with a few other dudes who haven’t got the correct version of Flash, and we’re on the edge, we’re out there, yeah? Gleaning our gists from the captions alone. They call us the gist gleaners. Women look at us differently when they find out we don’t dance for the Flash man when he comes a-piping.’

But psychologists say that not having the correct version of Flash Player can lead to difficulties in later life.

‘People who deprive themselves of the correct version of Flash Player, should consider what they’re going to tell their children when they ask about their parents’ Flash Player experience,’ points out Dr Julius Norton-Ash, writing on his website (Flash Player required).

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