Ardnamurchan Viking boat burial discovery slammed by Viking community

Viking representatives, up in arms at the desecration of one of their burial sites on the West coast of Scotland released a statement yesterday, saying, ‘We didn’t bury the poor guy so some tweed-dressed perennial students could dig him up and stick him in a museum. Why don’t they go and get proper jobs?’

Archaeologist, Dr Oliver Harris, however has defended his colleagues, pointing out that it’s not all tweed waistcoats and beards. ‘We do an important, difficult job. Without the knowledge we glean from these finds, we could leave Britain vulnerable to future Viking attacks.’

University of Glasgow Viking specialist, Dr Colleen Batey, has said that they are reasonably confident that the boat was from the 10th Century AD. ‘A receipt for the funeral expenses was discovered with the body, dated April 912.’

When quizzed about how he would like his own grandmother’s remains to be displayed in a museum, Dr Harris sheepishly revealed he had already dug her up as part of his PhD.


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