Ecclestone denies that F1 is becoming ‘institutionally racey’

With speculation growing that Grand Prix motor racing might evolve into an interesting and competitive sport, the diminutive 80 year old multi-billionaire F1 finance chief ‘Little Bernie’ Ecclestone has chosen to speak out in a BBC interview to address the concerns of the nation’s napping sports fans.

‘This year’s rule changes have resulted in more overtaking manoeuvres than we’d like and if I’m being completely honest, Vettel does smile a bit too much, but he’s still young and we can work on that.’

Ecclestone was confident that the traditional Sunday afternoon snooze in front of the TV would be fully restored by next season.

‘There are encouraging signs that this is already happening. We’ve got a German driver winning most races and Lewis Hamilton running other drivers off the track and then blaming them for it. Not quite as good as when Michael [Schumacher] used to do both, but we’re definitely getting there.’


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