Daily Mail website reports sensational story of Gaddafi’s escape

While every other news agency in the world had been reporting sketchy details of Col Muammar Gaddafi’s death as they became available, the Daily Mail website was running a detailed account of his dramatic escape from Transitional Forces.

The article quoted one combatant as saying ‘We don’t know when we will get another chance like this again, how many more weeks or months we will have to fight because of this missed opportunity. I blame the EU.’

The article also described gloomy Libyans gathering in public places to fire off despondent rounds of frustration into the air.

Critics have rounded on the Daily Mail for, once again, publishing a story that clearly didn’t happen, complete with quotes that were obviously fabricated. But a spokesman for the newspaper defended the move. ‘We’re just relieved that we didn’t publish the version where Diana’s spirit appears to pro-Gaddafi forces and talks them into giving him up.’

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