Eurobillions ‘traced’ to small black hole near Brussels

TV boffin Professor Brian Cox thinks he’s tracked down the disappearing eurobillions, but too late to help the struggling economies of Greece, Italy and Spain.

‘It’s amazing,’ explained Cox from a glacier in Chile. ‘The fact is, the cash has simply spiralled into a black hole 2.5 kilometres south of Brussels. If you can imagine a toroid, twisted inside-out through a hole in its side, but in four dimensions, and stretch that with a wrecking bar that’s about as long as the milky way is wide, then you’ve got a very good imagination – but that’s not going to help very much because, as I said, the money’s all gone into a black hole.’

If Cox is right, there’s not a lot of hope of recovering the cash.

‘Without a doubt, somewhere else in this universe, or in a parallel one, in the future or in the past there’ll be a corresponding white hole, spewing money. Somewhere there could be a world with creatures like dinosaurs or eels, and all this money coming at them, and they won’t know what to do with it. They might try and eat it.

‘It’s something we just don’t know.’


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