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X-Factor’s Rhythmix changes name to ‘The Spastics Society’

X-Factor girl group, Rhythmix, are to change their name to The Spastics Society after a Brighton-based youth music charity, also called Rhythmix, won a naming row.

Music mogul, Simon Cowell, hopes the new name is one the band will now be able to stick with.

‘Well, I’ve had my people check and it’s definitely available. It has been ever since SCOPE rescinded the name in order to move away from the potentially offensive connotations it conjured up. It’s perfect for my girls though and, if anything, isn’t nearly as offensive as the music they’ll be producing.’

‘Of course,’ he added, ‘if people still aren’t happy, I suppose we could just abbreviate it to ‘The SS’.’

Meanwhile, the charity has refused to comment on rumours that they’ll be entering a group into 2012′s X-Factor called Simon Cowell’s A Bell-End.

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Posted: Oct 28th, 2011 by simonjmr

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