Pakistani cricketers apply for bails

After lengthy discussions with lawyers, the Pakistani cricketers convicted yesterday of conspiracy to throw matches in last year’s Test against England have applied for bails.

‘We realise this is an unconventional step after conviction,’ said the players’ solicitor. ‘But as Ken Clarke keeps telling everybody, it’s very expensive to keep people in prison, so with the correct cricketing equipment, including bails, these three wrongly-convicted players could pay for their own upkeep by orchestrating some fake matches and cashing in on the gambling profits. Not that they’ve ever done that before, of course.’

The judge, Mr Justice Cooke, recognised that the appeal was highly unusual. ‘I’m stumped,’ he said. ‘I’m not inclined to grant them bails as they showed absolutely no balls in court. Not a strategy that will work for them in prison, of course.’

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