London 2012 posters portray suitable images of confusion and mayhem

The unveiling of the official London 2012 posters has caused chaos and downright fear as people attempt to work what is going on the various canvases.
’Leading UK artists’ like Tracy Emin and Chris Ofili have contributed to the selection of artwork which generally shows incomprehensible shapes and figures set against a background of swirling catastrophe and organisational incompetence.

Looking around the display, one member of the selection committee said, ‘We’re really delighted with the effect of misunderstanding and frustration that these posters are having on those who see them.; what better way to represent London 2012 than to show a number of images which help no-one in any way whatsoever, providing material for worldwide mocking and derision?
’Personally, my favourite is the one with a man running from what seems to be an inescapable apocalypse, which could easily be interpreted as hell itself.
  Now everyone will know what’s coming next year.’


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