Outrage as French magazine bombed by Warhammer enthusiasts

French Magazine Mais Non! has been bombed for the second time in a week after publishing pictures of Aenarion – First Phoenix King of the High Elves. Warhammer fans, who believe that Aenarion should only be represented by a small, smartly coloured figurine, were dismayed to see the picture.

Wayne Burt, a Warhammer expert from Gosport, said ‘Aenarion’s skills are unrivalled amongst mortals and immortals alike. He didn’t conquer the first great incursion of Chaos to have his memory sullied by Frenchies.’

But the magazine defended the image saying ‘We understand that there are sensitivities around printing images of certain Warhammer characters. But those sensitivities must be balanced with the freedom of expression. We could have printed a picture of Imrik the current Pheonix King of the High Elves on a Griffon, but took an editorial decision not to.’

Responding to the comments Gareth from Leicester said ‘If they’d printed a picture of Imrik on a Griffon we’d probably have a lynching on our hands, planned and carried out by me personally.’  Police refused to deny reports that the shop had been bombed by a ‘life size replica of a skaven poisoned wind mortar’.

Jean Luc Mietard, Commissaire Divisionnaire of the Préfet de Police, said ‘We have no official description of the perpetrators, but we kind of know what they look like don’t we? If you’re an ashen faced, oily haired twenty something living at home we want to speak to you.’

James Clayton

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