Daniel Radcliffe demands equal surveillance with grown-ups

Daniel Radcliffe has lashed out at the News of the World for failing to invade his privacy. ‘I’m 22 for God’s sake,’ complained the Harry Potter star, ‘yet those tabloid scumbags followed my parents around looking for scandal, as if I was a little kid with no secrets worth revealing.

‘Where were they when I was off my face at Spearmint Rhinos, eh? Tailing dad buying his annual cardigan at M&S, that’s where! And when I was on a 72-hour bender in Ibiza? Taking long-lens shots of Mum potting up geraniums in the garden. They weren’t even around to get a full frontal of me when I took my kit off on stage that time. What does a guy have to do these days to be unfairly targeted by the red tops?

‘As a proper grown-up, I demand the tabloids place me under permanent surveillance. If there’s not a private investigator outside my front door first thing tomorrow morning, watching my every move through a pair of binoculars and a false moustache, I’ll scream and scream until I’m sick.’


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