Tesco shopper complains of dead bird in chicken and bacon pasta salad

After hearing news reports of a Somerset man finding the carcass of a dead bird in a pre-prepared Tesco salad, Paul Byrne from Leicester checked his own purchase, and was horrified by what he found.

‘Although the product on the news was a bag of rocket it still made me paranoid, so I looked closely at the chicken and bacon pasta salad that I’d bought for my lunch.’ said Paul, still visibly shaken at the memory of his discovery, ‘What I found was disgusting, there were lumps of what appeared to be dead bird all over it. It looked like it had been heated to around 200 degrees for a long period of time, then chopped into pieces and left in my lunch.’

Paul is taking legal advice before launching a claim for compensation, but it was not just the dead bird that he found.

‘I’m not 100% sure of this and will need to get it verified somehow, but I think there were strips of dead pig in there too.’

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