Oxfam commends Nigerian princes for their generosity

Oxfam has publicly given thanks to generous Nigerian princes who share vast sums of wealth via online transactions with European professionals.

An Oxfam Spokesman explained: “It’s nice to see Africa giving back after all the aid we’ve given them over the years. I always knew there were vast sums of money tucked away in that continent, and it’s great that members of the African nobility want to split disproportionately large sums of it with people in the UK they’ve never met.”

Nigel Spicer, a Canary Wharf drone who hates his life confirmed: “I was clock watching as usual at my desk when bingo! Into my inbox popped an email from an African prince whose father had recently passed away, bless. Anyway, to cut a very long and badly spelled story short, he’d inherited a large sum of money, which due to administrative problems, he couldn’t access.

‘So he emailed me to help him with the transfer, in return for a small administration fee of £10,000 to get the ball rolling. Sounds a lot, but it’ll be dwarfed by the payouts coming my way soon.
“To think, my computer tried to mark this gem as spam! So long, suckers!”


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