Music industry declares victory over home taping

After 30 years of bitter struggle, music industry representatives today claimed victory for their campaign ‘Home taping is killing music – and it’s illegal’. No C90 tapes at all have been sold at WH Smiths this year, so apparently youngsters have been forced buy vinyl platters of the latest hit singles for themselves.

‘For a long time, it was touch and go,’ explained rising star Feargal Sharkey. ‘These pirates with their handy spooling biros nearly wiped out the industry. Artists like U2 and Michael Jackson struggled along, somehow.’  The industry also had to fight off the compact cassette, the ultimate in music reproduction technology.

Asked whether he believed the muisc industry had fully grasped the threat of digital copying, Sharkey said: ‘It won’t last. You don’t hear about mp1s and mp2s any more, do you? We think mp3 will fade away as well.’

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