Interior designer redesigns Posh Spice’s interior

Style guru Victoria Beckham has taken interior design to a whole new level by having her own interior redesigned.

‘She hasn’t eaten since 2005, so there was a lot of useless clutter in her abdomen just wasting space,’ said cosmetic surgeon to the stars Sam Fink, who moved into this area after other Hollywood clients encouraged him to ‘think outside the box’.

The new interior features white leather and chrome with leopard-print accessories. ‘We were going to put a Ming vase in place of her anus,’ said Fink, ‘but David objected to disturbing the existing yin and yang and it has provided an excellent access point for those insider photo shoots.’

David Beckham, meanwhile, has had some cranial work done. As he needs only the parts of the brain governing spatial awareness and motor skills, Fink has installed a small but tasteful games room and has used the wall space for some extra tattoos.

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